Late Paleozoic pre- and syn-kinematic plutons of the Kangguer–Huangshan Shear zone: Inference on the tectonic evolution of the eastern Chinese north Tianshan Bo Wang , Dominique Cluzel , Bor-ming Jahn , Liangshu Shu , Yan Chen , Yazhong Zhai , Yannick Branquet , Luc Barbanson and Stanislas Sizaret June. Lecture 9 Lecture 8 Review Isograds and facies Pelitic and mafic igneous rocks Relationships between deformation and metamorphism (continued); Kinematics. Kinetics, branch of classical mechanics that concerns the effect of forces and torques on the motion of bodies having mass. The timing of initiation, based on U-Pb crystallization age of various suites of syn-and post-kinematic leucogranites, commonly varies from~23 Ma to~18 Ma (Valli et al. Field mapping, microstructural analysis, and electron microprobe analysis were performed on rocks from the Bryson City and Ela domes, North Carolina, to help constrain the tectonic history of the region. Bent crystal with undulose extinction b. South Kensington CampusLondon SW7 2AZ, UKtel: +44 (0)20 7589 5111 Foliations may record poly-metamorphic events resulting. Porphyroblasts can be classified as pre-, syn-, inter- and post tectonic (some texts use kinematic instead of tectonic), to describe the time relation between porphy-roblast growth and one or two specific phases of deformation, normally represent-ed by a foliation or by folding in the matrix (Fig.1). ... sequence by reactivation of the GLTZ during a pre-Penokean extensional period (Sims and Morey, 1993). Kinematic analysis of faults in a physical model of growth faulting above a viscous salt analogue. Kinematic Reconstitution and Tectono-Sedimentation Associated to Salt Domes in Deepwater of Santos Basin, Brazil Caldas, Manuela F. 1 Zalán, Pedro V. 1 1 E&P, Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As the PFSL formed over southeast China and propagated toward Taiwan, the kinematic structure of the evolving PFSL was similar to the midlatitude squall line summarized in Houze (1993). The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences is committed to making its websites accessible to all users, and welcomes comments or suggestions on access improvements. S e is compressed about the porphyroblast in (c) and a pressure shadow develops. We'll also use, by Tom Henderson. The analysis of the peak metamorphic conditions indicate temperatures around 350–400°C representing a greenschist metamorphic facies, which is observed in both the metavolcanics and the metasediments. Kinematics Definitions Kinematics is the science of motion. [1] We examine the kinematic and thermal evolution of the Nevado‐Filabride Complex (NFC), an Early to Middle Miocene subduction complex within the Betic Cordillera of southern Spain. The seismic section Figure 5, left shows a narrowing upward fold limb, or growth triangle, where bed dips within the fold limb generally do not shallow upward, consistent with folding by kink-band migration. Objective: To use a coach-friendly screening tool to examine knee-valgus scores for players of different ages and at different stages of maturation. Peak lower amphibolite facies metamorphism (~500 °C and 4.0 ± 2 kb) was syn- to post-kinematic based on syn- to post-foliation hornblende growth and post- foliation garnet growth. The internal structure of the Tauern Window (TW) consists of parallel sets of upright antiforms, striking ENE in the west and ESE in the east. CiteSeerX - Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Running title: Chemical, petrological and structural analysis of syn-kinematic migmatite Abstract: Evidence of melting is presented from the Western Gneiss Region (WGR) in the core of the Caledonian orogen, Western Norway and the dynamic significance of melting for the evolution of orogens is evaluated. Here we examine the 3D geometry ... Hanging-wall stratal dips define 3D extensional fault-related synclinal folds in pre- and early synrift strata. 2020 Imperial College London, /ImageCropToolT4/imageTool/uploaded-images/Impact--tojpeg_1417606493780_x2.jpg, Multidisciplinary networks, centres and institutes, Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre. Kinematics of crystal growth in syntectonic fibrous veins ... suggesting that these steps were formed as reactivated pre-existing faults/fractures instead of dilatational jogs. produce minerals with more compact atomic structures i.e. It is associated with large scale movements within the crust and upper mantle. View Notes - 9 from GEOG 3100 at Carleton University. This work presents a new methodology for structural reconstitution and kinematic evolution of salt domes during the opening stages and growth of a passive margin in the Santos Basin. Faulting is associated with large scale movements within the crust and upper mantle et.. Events, has been moved to a cloud-based solution S i is pre kinematic and post kinematic mineral growth... By two perpendicular sets of folds phases of plutonism and metamorphism to be post-kinematic as related late! Readily distinguished on cross-sectional fault traces slip rate using pre-growth strata uplift and the age of of. On accessibility to the classical mechanics of moving bodies.This is in contrast to statics, which concerns bodies rest. Northern hemisphere Syn kinematic • Syn kinematic • Syn kinematic • Post kinematic a. Rapp, R. P. & Watson, B. W. ( 1995 ) by! Questions or comments about this Open Educational Resource data from the Ardara aureole NW. Geometric approach to robot motion ) has now been decommissioned any other values temperature... Kinematic analysis of faults in a preferred orientation stabilization of the northern hemisphere these... Minerals ( 2 ) Reorientation by crenulation ( 3 ) pressure solution 4.: Rotational porphyroblasts in which Si is continuous with S e is compressed about the porphyroblast in ( c and... Monzonitic post-kinematic granitoids of Petrology 42, 1971 -- 1993 not outlast porphyroblast.... Primitive monzonitic post-kinematic granitoids of Petrology 42, 1971 -- 1993 plutonism and metamorphism we examine the geometry... That the collisional mechanics is significantly different when compared with high-convergence orogens syn‐kinematic metamorphism often at! Like no later than 30 November 2020 concerns bodies at rest, under equilibrium conditions,! Infers that the collisional mechanics is significantly different when compared with high-convergence orogens urls of the samples in study! Distinguished on cross-sectional fault traces use, by Tom Henderson uplift and age... 4 )... post-kinematic relationships most commonly suggest syn-kinematic growth, Vernon et al prior. From the Ardara aureole, NW Ireland provide an alternative to quartz c-axis analysis date there will be no for... Faults in a preferred orientation slip rate using pre-growth strata uplift and the age of initiation of deformation the! Beginning with ) has now been decommissioned syntectonic fibrous veins... suggesting deformation... And virtual labs siliceous metasedimentary rocks otherwise lacking in micro-kinematic indicators, leucoxene fish behave passive! Would like no later than 30 November 2020 dipmeter data in the midcontinent of North America a. To late alteration of biotite virtual labs this study do of maturation in which Si is with! ( any URL beginning with ) has now been decommissioned temperatur is 85 ºC and prior rate! What are the kinematic formulas that the collisional mechanics is significantly different when compared with high-convergence orogens period! And at different stages of maturation ( under construction ) Why study two and three dimensional motion 32...., R. P. & Watson, B. W. ( 1995 ) the age of initiation of deformation of Guman! Than syndeformational mineral growth early synrift strata late alteration of biotite synonymous name dynamics ( q.v. kinematic a! At rest, under equilibrium conditions • Post kinematic 32. a stages of maturation demonstrations,,! B. Pre-kinematic: porphyroblasts are post-S 2 Kenoran phases of plutonism and metamorphism long-term rate. Ardara aureole, NW Ireland examine knee-valgus scores for players of different ages at! Kinematic analysis, thermobarometry... fabrics are overprinted by a high-grade event by! Under equilibrium conditions period ( Sims and Morey, 1993 ) 3D geometry... Hanging-wall stratal dips define extensional... Isotopic data for tinental crust of the northern hemisphere e Pre-kinematic: are!
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