vertical-align: top; January 25, 2020. Image Credit: The Board Game Guide. In this strategy tips I will focus on a couple of tips that help all characters get the most from their cards and then break down a few thoughts on the six starting classes in the game. You can build her to focus on any of these strategies. Oh, and the 23 initiative is great! Otherwise, it’s just a +3 damage which is less than Illuminate the Target’s top ability of 5 damage. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) What's bad? For example, this convenient set of Boots costs 20g. For me, it’s not worth carrying this around and waiting for the perfect moment to do a large heal. Healing 10 points in one turn is amazing at Level 1, and pretty handy at higher levels too. September 15, 2020 Categories: General No comments It’s an upgrade to the bottom ability on Empowering Command with a damage boost of 2.That top is amazing for our build. It was a disaster. Hope you will find it useful! is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. float: right; These are spoilered and cover cards up to level 3. 100 gold. It’s the only one-handed melee weapon available at the beginning and while it’s not absolutely necessary, if someone no-one else wants it, you might as well have it! With Light you can get a tasty bonus 1 damage, Advantage and 1 Experience too! Allies doing double damage soon adds up. It increases the damage output of our party overall. Sun Class has many cards to use Light Elements. We’ll need to lose one Move point, but the trade off is worth it to gain the bonus damage combo. 17 Character Boards 8. Everyone needs to rest from time to time, and that includes your Gloomhaven mercenary band too. It already costs more than the Boots and you still need to rest to pick the card back up (yes although short rests and Stamina potions work though). But is the loss of momentum worth it? At Level 1, we’re massively lacking in Light generation because it mostly comes from Loss abilities. If you are not bothered about support at all, you could take out Dazzling Charge or Protective Blessing. Permanent 2 Shield buff is extremely powerful. Here are some more Sunkeeper name ideas along the same lines! --> Then check out my Gloomhaven Locked Classes article! Path of Glory is a direct upgrade to the top of Hammer Blow and Defensive Stance so our mind naturally thinks on those. Gloomtactics is the place for Gloomhaven strategy, guides and rules. Can you hear those hits bouncing off your armour? As the game owner, I want my group to have fun while being challenged. The name of the character – Brute – speaks for itself. In general, items are typically more cost effective than enhancements. So that's alot to take in. For me, it was damage so I added the rolling +1s next. That 3 doesn’t look so amazing after all for a one use ability. With this build, you need to be on your toes. Righteous Strength is most closely aligned with our build. Our Sunkeeper is a diplomatic and powerful Valrath who uses her dark powers for good. } is owned and operated by Emily. Bam!

Therefore the sum of the probabilities of all cards does not equal 100%. 1 Map Board 15. Of course, it’s best used when allies are adjacent so use it before you enter a room when you’re all bunched up! Published. It recovers after a Long Rest. Just throw it down and be like, “Nope!” No damage for you and your adjacent front line allies this turn. This Move 4 is the highest non-loss Move we have at level 1 so it’s worth having in your hand just for that! A 5 damage reusable with the potential to boost for an extra a damage, Advantage and 1 Experience! Usually, I wouldn’t want to spend money on an enhancement for a card that I’ll retire later, but Fire Orbs is with you till level 9 so it’s worth it. Options . Any one of these will do. You get the benefit of the Shield 2 so that you can brush off a lot of the damage you’ll take while making full use of Retaliate. The goal of the this guide is to provide some guidance and options on selecting your enhancements. Sinister Fish Gloomhaven Removable Sticker Set. The Sunkeeper is a versatile class. Holy Strike gives us reusable Stun and ideally Wound if you have enhanced it. It makes sense to spend your hard-earned gold on enhancing abilities that you’ll have with you for a long time and that are reusable abilities so you get the benefit multiple times per scenario. Not an amazing ability for our build, especially because we have a reusable Move 5 on the bottom of Practical Plans. FAQThe official FAQ for all Gloomhaven-related issues on Board Game Geek. You want to make the most of it! The name of the character – Brute – speaks for itself. Wow! Some of these will still be useful mid campaign. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, shield up! But lets read carefully.
The enhancement calculator clears up a somewhat confusing aspect of the game and provides details on each fee, as well as a handy list of all available enhancements. This is a great support ability and it’s reusable too! A damage-dealing ability on the bottom of a card is always going to be amazing for those turns where you don’t need to move and just want to do more damage! And it is.